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Charter of Principles - EWC Coca-Cola Entreprises Europe - Our Charter - Defining the way we work
[25 avril 2001]



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To remain successful our company depends on the effective interaction of the management and the workforce who depend on each other.

CCE Europe management and employee representatives in the EWC recognise and believe in the importance of balancing Social and Economic aspects of our Company.

This balance between the social and the economical can be achieved when everyone respects our key social and economic values and follows best practice throughout the workplace.

Our values



Work as one acknowledging our

interdependence at every level

Work as one acknowledging

interdependence at every level

Create employment opportunities and promote employee development

Adopt an owner mentality, focused on the long term

Maintain permanent social dialogue and open communication to avoid, prevent and solve problems

Deliver results with continual, year on year improvement

Employ a diverse workforce

Business volumes, COP and capital utilisation are three key indicators

Recognise that satisfied employees drive economic results

Ensure we are cost conscious and


Act with respect, mutual trust, honesty and transparency

Ensure we are competitive and low cost producers

Putting our Values into Practice

Communication - an open forum

In order to implement a genuine "no surprise" communication policy, we must ensure that there is always two-way, open dialogue between all levels of management and employees.

Working groups made up of members of the Select Committee/EWC will be given the resources to achieve their communication goals and, at the same time, re-engineer the communication structure between members of the Select Committee.

To ensure the success of this objective, communications between management and EWC/Select Committee must be two-way, continuous and totally transparent.

Communication - the tools for success

Timetable for Select Committee Meetings:

1. Business Plan (January/February)
2. EWC Preparation (April)
3. Follow-up Meeting (September)

Plus ad hoc meeting, if required.

EWC Meeting:

This will be held once a year, plus Post-Meeting of the Select Committee.

Communication - monitoring success

As the Select Committee will be the monitoring body in this communication structure, the following three key initiatives will be implemented:

  • Members of the Select Committee will receive a monthly update of the Social and Economic situation. This will be provided by their National HR Manager or through a video and telephone conference with European management.
  • Select Committee meetings will enable members to keep abreast of developments within CCE Europe and enter into dialogue with management.
  • Should an initiative have potential social consequences, management will inform the Select Committee, enabling them to discuss the issue with EWC representatives. Our policy of ongoing, open communication, as part of a permanent social dialog, will allow sufficient time to collect the considered input of employee representatives before a final decision is made.

    Caburn Hope 25.04.01

    Bernard Kunerth  
    Shaun Higgins (signature)
    Dominique Bourdillat (signature)
    Lionel Griffoul  
    Christian Jurcenoks (signature)
    Gabriel Zenou (signature)
    Claude Lamaire (signature)
    Gildas Jourden (signature)
    Freddy Vermeulen (signature)
    Rita Classen (signature)
    José Michel (signature)
    Alain Van Peteghem (signature)
    Max Bialik (signature)
    Jean Trinon (signature)
    Hans Van Boxtel (signature)
    Wim Van Beek (signature)
    Ab Ruigrok (signature)
    Rob Van den Berg (signature)
    Bob Dack (signature)
    Peter Storey (signature)
    Richard Blakeborough  
    Huw Lovesey (signature)
    Roger Kent (signature)
    Frank Mooney (signature)
    Tony Bennet  
    Gavin Morton (signature)
    Tracey Jackson (signature)
    Nick Fairbrother (signature)
    Patrick Doom (signature)

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